Who are we ? - Patrelle today

Bigger than a football stadium, today Patrelle is on 6500m² with 2 main activities (production & packing), and employs about 40 persons.

Patrelle has different brands strategies:

  • Patrelle’s own brands
  • Private labels
  • Suppliers brands

Who are our customers ?

The main part of our turnover is made by wholesalers: France Confiserie, Magec, SPF, Logista France, Métro… We also work with all the biggest groups of supermarkets like Carrefour, Leclerc, Système U, Intermarché, Casino… and also the hard-discounters (Aldi, Lidl, Leader Price…)

So you can imagine that we don’t get bored!

And what about export? “ALL OVER THE WORLD”

Well, not excatly “All over the world” but we try to. We export in many countries in Europe (Belgium, Germany, Swiss, Italy, Portugal) but also in USA, Canada, Africa (Gabon, Cameroun…), United Arab Emirats, New Caledonia and in the overseas departments (Réunion, Guadeloupe, Martinique).

To sum up, here are some figures (because with graphs it’s always better!) :